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    What the heck! Empty What the heck!

    Post  Alethearia on Tue Sep 04, 2012 12:15 am

    In the interest of people knowing what/who my character is, I shall post an application... even though I'm kinda running the thing. <.<


    Name: Krylsorta Mór Milse (though most people just call me Krys)
    Age: 17
    Height: 5'2" and not an inch more
    Weight/build: 135 lbs and I play football (English) if that gives you any idea
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Flaming red and I wouldn't have it any other way
    Disposition: Neutral Good
    Basic info: http://shadowcastchronicles.wikia.com/wiki/Krylsorta_Milse (haha, I cheat!)

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