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    please join the que Empty please join the que

    Post  Alethearia on Fri Aug 31, 2012 3:25 pm

    a topic will be assigned to you as well as an instructor.

    Here are the basics of the Academy! You will be judged on five basic things:
    1. The basics of RP. Namely, the uses of labels.

    2. How well you play with others. Basically, the rules of playing well with others, namely, not metagaming, godmodding, or (heaven forbid) godmoding!

    3. Fun without overbarance. Can you be creative without taking away from the RP experience?

    4. The ability to move the plot forward. Are you capable of not only being fun, but of being fun, but of adding to the overall experience/having input.

    5. Due to the military nature of many of the RPs, are you able to take orders, give orders, and fulfill missions.

    If you pass the test, then you are free to play with everyone!

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